The 3D Printer MakerBot will Connect to Chromebooks

Image via MakerBot

Image via MakerBot

Earlier this year, Makerbot announced in its most recent press release that it would focus more on education market. Now we are seeing what they meant. First up is “My MakerBot,” which they describe as a cloud-enabled browser-based printer monitoring platform that’s compatible with Chromebooks and Autodesk’s Tinkercad 3D design software.

Makerbot will also be releasing “MakerBot Educators Guidebook” as a guide for teachers containing lesson plans and nine different projects. Those nine projects are a small portion of hundreds of lesson plans that teachers can access via Thingiverse's Education portal. 

3D printing is making strides in the education sector. It can be used for plenty of things that we covered in this blog post.

With this new innovation, MakerBot could be seeing an increase in sales, as well as a new interest in 3D printing for education.

(Story via Engadget)

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