Chromebooks and G Suite Partner Up

Image via PCWorld

Image via PCWorld

Chromebooks and G Suite have teamed up. Chromebooks are the largest growing and most popular device in schools, and G Suite is Google’s popular education cloud platform with over 70 million users. The best part is that schools are seeing more collaboration and higher test scores when these two are paired together.

In fact, after Chromebooks and G Suite were rolled out to several school districts, Google and Evergreen Education Group spent 16 months studying the results. The findings, called “Impact Portraits: Success Stories with Google for Education,” were overwhelmingly positive.

Passing rates in one class went from 75 to 94 percent. The study found that by using this technology, students were more engaged and on task than they had been before.

Digital Learning is A Huge Undertaking

When districts go digital, they need to create a solid network backbone to support the deployment. This includes adding bandwidth to maintain the large number of devices being implemented. Professional development may have to be instituted throughout the district.

Chromebooks often cost less than other educational devices, and can do nearly anything the school needs. Teachers can direct activities to the needs of each student and students don’t have to wait for their teacher to guide them. This lets teachers create open-ended lessons and gives students more freedom and creativity.

With the partnership between Chromebooks and G Suite, students work more independently and master their work more easily.

(Story Via Ed Tech Magazine)

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