6 Great STEM Technologies

6 Great STEM Technologies


Many schools are starting to create and enhance their Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics programs. They are a great way to get students engaged with their learning and interested in fields they may not have been previously interested in.  However, developing STEM programs can be tricky without the right planning and technologies in place.

Schools implement STEM in different ways, some working it into the standard curriculum and others creating STEM courses and clubs for interested students.  Most every STEM program has one thing in common, great technology usage. 

Here are 6 great technologies that can take your STEM program to the next level:

1. Teq

Teq is a great program that provides professional development.  It prepares teachers and administrators to teach STEM courses and operate edtech technologies.  Teq offers courses that cover 3D printing and robotics to help prepare your educators.

2.  CAD

Computer Aided Design software allows students to explore engineering.  There are CAD programs for all ages that allow students to explore both simple and advanced projects as well as architecture and 3D objects.

3.  3D Printing

Having a 3D printer means that students are able to actually create the objects they designed with CAD programs.  3D printed objects bring their designs to life and inspire students to keep creating.  MakerBot and XYZprinting are great desktop manufacturing tools that help accomplish this.

4.  Coding

There are a variety of free coding tools online that can help to inspire the young developer in your class.  MIT’s Scratch programming and Code.org both provide interesting coding activities for students.

5.  Robotics

Robotics kits give students a fun hands on way to get engaged with STEM.  Sony KOOV and HB Invent! Are 2 great robotics kits that come complete with everything needed for students to build and program a small robot.

6.  Circuitry

Simple circuitry kits are a great way to get students excited about electrical engineering.  Arduino boards and kits like littleBits give students a fun, hands-on learning experience with circuitry.


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