How to Help you District’s STEM Program Succeed

How to Help you District’s STEM Program Succeed

With the importance of STEM education being widely publicised, many schools are starting to implement STEM programming into their districts.  However, a recent study showed that only 40% of schools in America offer coding or any other programming classes.

Now is the time for schools to bring STEM to their district.  The Trump administration has put aside $200 million per year for STEM and computer science education.  Major tech corporations like Microsoft have also been providing millions of dollars to STEM education programs.

Here are 5 ways for your district to successfully bring STEM into your schools:

1. Understand STEM and its importance

Starting a STEM program at your school requires a strong understanding of the importance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  Teachers, students, and administrators should learn more about STEM and the benefits of teaching it.

2. Establish your school’s STEM objective

Before your implement your STEM program, it is important to do the proper research and planning to make it successful.  Come up with a program that fits your school’s needs and learning goals.

3. Make STEM a part of the curriculum

While extra curricular STEM programs are fun, integrating your STEM initiative right into the curriculum gives every student a chance to engage with STEM.  Project based learning has proven a great way to expand your students minds, and STEM projects will greatly enrich their learning experiences.

4. Teach STEM to all grades

Create a program that gives students of all ages the opportunity to engage with STEM.  Exposing students to STEM at a young age can spark a lifelong passion for STEM learning.

5. Come up with a technology budget

Having edtech technology that enhances your students’ STEM learning is a very valuable investment.  Whether it's Legos, robotics games, or circuitry, STEM technology gives students a fun hands on learning experience.


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