4 Tips for Better Computer Science Education

Image via The Daily Texan

Image via The Daily Texan

States are progressing toward a number of goals that aim to make computer science education a priority, but there is still more to do–especially when it comes to adopting K-12 computer science standards, according to a new report.

So far, 7 states have adopted K-12 computer science education standards. States are considered to have fully adopted K-12 standards once they have met three criteria: the standards cover elementary, middle and high school; they are publicly accessible on the state’s website; and they include computer science content at all levels.

Though relatively few states have addressed all the criteria, 8 additional states are currently in the standards development process.

A new report outlines four strategies for states to consider as they work to strengthen computer science education and improve workforce success for all youth:

1. Build a broad base of leadership and ownership among key stakeholders
2. Develop short-, medium-, and long-term strategies, with a view to coherence and sustainability
3. Collect data to monitor progress, inform decision making, and drive continuous improvement
4. Use the growing talent pool of expertise in key organizations and in leadership states

It also highlights three critical issues that state leaders must address:

1. Raise the bar on both the scale of the effort and the quality of the CS learning opportunities available to students from kindergarten through the end of high school.
2. Commit to sufficient funding to achieve the goal. In most states, the level of funding currently available reflects an early-stage “testing the waters” approach.
3. Work toward continuous improvement by continuing to examine the CS education landscape and chart progress and challenges over time.

With all of these tips, hopefully more states will be able to help computer science education become a standard for all students to try.

(Story via eSchool News)

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