How a Virtual Education is Creating Opportunities for K-12 Students

Photo via Gallery of Virtual

Photo via Gallery of Virtual

According to recent reports, the majority of K-12 schools in the US are unable to offer quality course programs for students to acquire essential computing skills. They either lack the fund or the faculty to provide the computational courses.

The Virtual High School, VHS, is a nonprofit organization that aims to offer the highest quality online education to the students of middle school and high school. It also offers educators the chance to improve their professional skills.

VHS is attempting to help teachers fill in the gaps by offering advanced courses online that help students gain knowledge of various aspects of computer science.

The students who complete this program are awarded a certificate in computing, but that is only the beginning. VHS develops custom courses as well as individual courses so that students can learn different subject simultaneously.

Adopting a holistic approach to computer science appears to be the correct formula. The students who have attended this online program seem to develop more interest in computer science organically. As a result, students enthusiastically participate in different course programs that are related to computer science.

Technology is increasing helping educators take that huge leap away from the traditional one size fits all approach to education. Now students can get more personalized and learn at their own pace.

By opening their eyes to see beyond their classroom environment, they can understand the latest issues in the world, and most importantly, learn how to make a difference.

It wasn’t very long ago that teachers were fearful of how technology could disrupt both their profession and the educational landscape. Thankfully, we now see technology as a tool to help teachers engage students and let them see the bigger picture of what the world has to offer.

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