Kaspersky Recap: NEOTD Tech + Toast

Kaspersky is a cybersecurity and anti-virus provider with an international presence. At NEOTD, Zack Ehrhardt spoke about recent ransomware attacks, as well as security for virtualization.

In their ransomware discussion, Zack spoke about how people get infected with ransomware, which he showed was largely from emails. He also discussed an initiative that his company and many others were working on called “No More Ransom.” It partners large cybersecurity companies with law enforcement to help protect people from ransomware attacks.

Zack then began discussing security for virtualization. He explained that what you typically will see for security on a Virtual machine is agent-based security. This can be a redundant process and can reduce the effectiveness of the machine more quickly than other methods.

His solution is Light Agent Security or Agentless Security. Light Agent security keeps consolidation ratios high as well as eliminating the problems of agent-based security. It’s also available for most of the large servers. Agentless eliminates redundant security checks and it’s easy to use and deploy. His suggestion is to know what your system is looking for and choose accordingly from there.

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