NEOTD Tech + Toast: SonicWall Recap

NEOTD Tech + Toast welcomed Nyall Sheldon from SonicWall, an internet security company, to discuss the importance of Deep Packet Inspection of SSL. He began by talking about HTTPS websites, and how even though they are supposed to be safe, some could be hosting malware and that it is important to inspect for it.

Nyall continued to say that threats are coming through TLS/SSL. Attackers are now using HTTPS to their advantage. If you are not scanning HTTPS websites, you’re putting your network at risk.

He explained that HTTPS websites are becoming more popular. Google automatically will put HTTPS websites above HTTP websites, and companies are trying to make their websites secure. With this growing number of HTTPS websites, there also grows a threat.

He gives a solution to the problem; SonicWall’s very own DPI-SSL technology.

SonicWall, as he explains, can scan various servers and set up specific protections to make sure that you don’t go onto any malicious sites or download malicious links. He also offered a look at their firewall lineup, which includes firewalls for small home offices all the way to large companies.

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