Google Classroom Updates Assist Teachers

Google Classroom Updates Assist Teachers


Google Classroom is a valuable tool for any teacher looking for a free, user friendly way to take their classroom online.  Google is constantly updating the program to better fit the needs of teachers everywhere.

Here are 6 updates that enhance your experience with Google Classroom:

1. Classwork Page

The Classwork page was added to help organize assignments.  Now teachers can go through student submissions quickly, making it easier for teachers to grade submissions.

2.  Course Kit

Course Kit is a new feature on G Suite that allows teachers to assign and collect assignments through Google Drive.  This makes it easier for teachers to integrate G Suite with the learning management system used by the school.

3.  Locked Mode

Google Classroom now allows teachers to remotely lock a student device in order to limit cheating or any other online distractions.

4.  Copy Materials

Teachers can now copy materials from previous classes into a new class.  This makes it easy for teachers to reuse successful assignments and share them with other teachers.

5.  People Page

The updated People page allows teachers to add co-teachers and manage parent and student accounts all from one page. 

6.  Notifications

While notifications can be wonderful, all of the pop-ups can get distracting, especially for teachers who share classes.  Now Google Classroom allows teachers to turn notifications on or off for class activities that do not apply to them.


Story via EdTech

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