Hotel Services Upgraded by Technology

Image via Travel Weekly

Image via Travel Weekly

The luxurious lifestyle that hotels bring to guests is getting upgrades with new technology. Within the luxury segment in hospitality, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technologies can be used to improve the guest experience by empowering staff to anticipate and respond to each guest’s need in a personalized way.

One way hotel food and beverage programs are staying ahead of the game when it comes to technology is via partnerships. Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, for example, has partnered with India’s online reservation service Dineout, giving people the ability to use the Dineout platform for making reservations across any of the group’s 140 properties.

Hotels themselves are also seeking to make the most of technology, with major brands such as Marriott International relying heavily on its mobile app to both reach and respond to guests. Guests’ use of mobile devices to communicate with Marriott has quadrupled in recent years. Marriott was among the first major chains to launch its own mobile app and since then the company has continued to add features and capabilities including the ability to contact hotel staff, check-in, and even use a smartphone as a room key.

Two of the biggest emerging trends are personalization and conversational guidance based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. With these technologies a luxury hotel can truly anticipate what a guest wants, even before they are aware of it themselves. Using ML and AI to detect behavioral patterns, to anticipate needs based on previous behavior, it is possible to facilitate room customizations, personalized check-ins, food order and delivery time and even a limo ready at checkout time, etc. all without using valuable hotel resources.

Hotel food and beverage programs are getting help from companies to let them grow with new technology. Tech companies are now specifically making new tools for the hotel food and beverage segment.

With all this new tech being developed, it won’t be long until a robot butler shows up at your door with room service.

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