Unique Majors for STEM Students

Image via Lansdowne College

Image via Lansdowne College

Are any of your students interested in pursuing STEM when they go to college? If they want an interesting experience with a unique major, they should check out this list. We have compiled interesting STEM related majors and we even tell you where they are offered. Check it out!

Entertainment Engineering and Design

What you study: Students study engineering principles, new materials, new and emerging technologies, and traditional theatrical practices while still being able to recognize the artistic demands of the entertainment industry.

Where you can get the degree: University of Nevada, Las Vegas 

Job prospects: An engineer in the entertainment industry (shows, casinos, etc.)

Theme Park Engineering

What you study: Electrical Engineering, with additional training from the Civil and Mechanical Engineering Departments, and covers topics in electrical power, and electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic control.

Where you can get the degree: California State University 

Job prospects: Engineer in theme parks, amusement facilities and related industries

Audio Technology

What you study: Two unique fields come together in the Audio Technology field, science and sound. It is the study of the movement of waves through different states and orientations of matter, and what sounds ideal to the human ear. 

Where you can get the degree:  American University, District of Columbia

Job prospects: Audio technician in studios or at concerts, sound designer.

Paper Science and Engineering

What you study:  This degree carefully examines the steps of transforming a tree to pulp, then to paper, a process which relies heavily on chemical engineering. Additionally, you’ll need training in math, physics, and environmental studies.

Where you can get the degree:  Western Michigan University

Job prospects: Paper manufacturing, technical support, research development.


What you study: As a parasitologist, your responsibilities would include studying new phenomena and discovering ways to prevent and cure their spread. Additionally, controlling existing parasites is important in medical, veterinary, and environmental considerations.

Where you can get the degree: Bowling Green State University

Job prospects: Wildlife management, vaccine development, food production, parasite evolution and taxonomy.

Motorsports Science and Engineering

What you study: In this major, you learn the ins and outs of motorsports. This could be anything from NASCAR to a local dirt bike race. It will prepare you for creating new motorsport vehicles, repairing vehicles, and learning about the industry as a whole.

Where you can get the degree: Winston-Salem State University

Job prospects: Motorsport Operations, Motorsport Marketing, Motorsport Engineering.

No matter what major students choose, there’s plenty of interesting majors for any student to find what suits them best.

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