Laser Engraving on Mobile Devices Makes Sense for Security

Identification can be complicated in the digital world. Passwords are lengthy and constantly changing, fingerprint reader, retina scanners, face detection and more attempting to authenticate identity and protect property. But something as simple as “putting your name on it” can be just as valuable.

This is the basic idea of engraving, a laser-guiding method to imprint identifiable information on hardware or mobile devices. If a device is ever lost and then found by an honest party, it can be returned to the owner easily without going into the phone.

A relatively easy process, laser engraving’s benefits can be numerous in companies where employees juggle multiple devices at once.


It is common practice to bring a thick binder of documents to a board meeting, typically delivered to you by an intern or a secretary. This practice is time-consuming, a security risk, and costly. Instead, if each board member had their own tablet, they could have all the information sent to them en-mass, and if the device is lost it can easily be disabled. The engraving makes it easier to trace and identify if found.

The addition of a permanent ID number on each tablet would also save a company’s IT staff considerable time and aggravation for troubleshooting problems or performing maintenance.

Engraving can also add logos onto products. This increases visibility in the community and has a sense of pride within the company.


Prominent logos attract attention to the companies, but they can also act as deterrents to thieves. Many companies take the engraving step for the sake of security as well as brand visibility. The custom engraving looks good and is on for good. Thieves are less likely to grab something with a permanent logo, since they’re typically hoping to sell what they steal.

If a thief was to take some hardware, the police can use the etched logo and ID number to return the device to the owner.


Hardware and mobile device costs are expensive, but the cost of engraving is negligible in relation to $1000 computers and tablets. It is certainly worth it for security benefits.

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