Fighting Stress with Fidget Toys

Fidget toys are invading schools across the country. The most popular introduction is the Fidget Spinner. This gadget is made with plastic and bearings that you would find in a skateboard. While many teachers have begun to ban the toys, what could be their possible benefits?

The first is their possible help for students who have trouble concentrating in class or have ADHD. While these claims are mostly unproven, it has shown that having something to fidget with in your hands can be beneficial to concentrating on the task at hand, similar to twirling a pencil in your hand during a meeting or shaking your leg while in a presentation.

These spinners are not the only options for people who fidget, there is also the fidget cube. The Fidget Cube has 6 distinct sides each with their own gear or dial to use.

It’s still unclear if any of these toys do truly help with things like ADHD, Anxiety and Autism, but one thing is for sure; They are fun.

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